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Smart control products

Street light controller

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CDB02AEA type street light controller is an intelligent product developed for South America, used for intelligent control of urban lighting (street lights). It has built-in light intensity measurement circuit and electric energy metering circuit, has street lamp lighting control dual relay power output, with PLC (currently changed to LORA RF) communication channel, and high-performance MCU (and EEROM) manages these hardware resources to form smart street lights Controller. The specific functions are briefly as follows.

1) Two-way relay output power supply, which can make the street lamp work in two states of full power or half power, which can be more energy-saving under the conditions of traffic conditions and background brightness.

2) The current light intensity can be measured instantly. It can be used as one of the basis for local control of street lights, or it can be transmitted remotely (through the channel) to the control room, and the background system statistically analyzes (big data) the impact of seasons and weather on road conditions, and develops a suitable local control plan to issue.

3) The power consumption can be measured, which is the basis for screening the working condition (damage) of the street lamp, and it can also be transmitted remotely as the data for the background energy consumption settlement. Take the initiative to report (number) when the street lamp is damaged.

4) Built-in RTC clock, support communication broadcast time calibration. According to RTC built-in 4 periods, built-in light intensity limit. According to the light intensity and the built-in time period, the intelligent local control street lamp has three working states: full power lighting, half power lighting and extinguishing. Time period, light limit and control mode can be updated remotely.

 Self-diagnose the lighting circuit according to the RTC time period (to prevent pollution such as bird droppings). When the circuit is damaged, it will actively report and automatically switch to the single period control mode.

5) Support remote grouping according to communication ID, and can remotely control the on, off or half power of street lights through communication. It can be controlled by street, group control (group control), point control (single street light). This is also a remote control energy saving solution, which can be configured remotely by the system software according to the group number-position sequence. The controller connects to the system to automatically establish a route. In the day, the remote control plan is given priority, and the local control plan is returned the next day.

6) It can read the working status (on, off, half power) of the street lamp, electric energy data, light data, and other parameters in real time.

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