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Pig-nose-shaped housing, near infrared, data reading device

Release time:2021-01-18 丨 Reading times:836

JDR-08 magnetic near infrared data reading equipment has the advantages of simple circuit, stable performance and low cost. The JDR-08 magnetic near-infrared data reading device converts infrared signals into RS232 signals without any protocol conversion, and can be compatible with many types of electric energy meters.


Transmitter wavelength: 940nm

Receiver tube receiving wavelength: 700~1050nm

Communication distance: 10mm±1mm

Maximum support communication rate: 9600bps

Climate conditions: Normal working temperature: 0℃~+50℃ 

Limit working temperature: -10℃~+60℃

Relative humidity: <75%

Dimensions: diameter 40mm

thickness 21.8mm (with magnet type)

thickness 24.3mm (without magnet type)

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