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Personalized energy meter

Multi-user energy meter

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measuring active energy consumption for every user separately in time of use;   Energy consumption in the latest six months and Max demand in the latest 3 months are stored; Time-sharing display measurement results; With PLC channel to support remote meter reading. The compact structure saves installation space and engineering investment.

{Product Features}

★Measure the respective active multi-rate electric energy of 8 users in the same phase, support 4 rates, 8 time periods, 8 daily tables, 4 chronological tables and 32 holiday tables, and support daylight saving time;
★Maximum monthly active power demand for 8 users;
★Store the active energy in the last 6 months, and the maximum demand in the last 3 months;
★The wheel display items can be set; press the button to display all items, support line feed and page turning;
★ PLC channel supports AMR;
★With infrared reading head interface, it supports reading measurement results or setting table parameters (IEC1107).

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