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Electronic thermostat soldering station

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{product description}

This product is composed of soldering iron tip, soldering iron core, shell, handle, plug and other parts. It adopts long-life ceramic heating core, temperature correction device, and soldering iron tips with different shapes, made of copper alloy material with copper as the base. Reliable welding, good conductivity, insulation, simple structure, low power consumption and long life. The suitable welding temperature is 200~480℃, which is especially suitable for applications with high temperature and strict requirements on safety performance.


★Slim design, saving space.

★The handle is lightweight and suitable for long-term use.

★The design of the soldering iron frame allows the molten tin on the welding tip to flow into the soldering iron frame without spilling on the workbench.

★Special temperature knob locking screw to prevent staff from arbitrarily adjusting temperature.

★The soldering station and the soldering iron frame adopt a split design, and are small in size, easy to place, and save working space.

{Performance parameter}

Input voltage

AC 220V

The output voltage

AC 24V

Maximum power


Temperature range

200~400  Fahrenheit 392~896


120mm × 93mm × 170mm



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